Desmond O’Connors….

The movie

Freddie Mercury, Kenny Everett & Lady Diana walk into a gay bar….

A cinematic, musical comedy based on Desmond O’Connor’s acclaimed stage show and an imagining of the now most infamous Royal caper of recent times. Coming to the screen soon!



Inspired by real events: It’s 1988, the IRA & Thatcher’s Britain cast a cloud over the UK. However, London is partying hard under the spectre of AIDS, the scrutiny of the press but the promise of a summer of love.

Suffering their own personal dramas, tragedy & dysfunctional relationships, the famous trio infiltrate a gay cabaret bar in South London for a naughty night out. But just how do you get the most well-known woman in the wold out in public without blowing her cover?

Freddie, Kenny & Diana take a gamble, hatch a plan and venture into the flamboyant underground world of a notorious gay club, and down the rabbit hole of their own anxieties & imaginations. The result will take the audience into a dazzling and outrageous world of fantasy, music, comedy and dance.

Hold onto your crowns, your coke and your cock-rings! We are not in Kansas anymore!

A heart-warming and touching story about three troubled lives all ultimately cut short: a rock legend dying from AIDS, a princess in a loveless marriage, and Britain’s funniest sad man – going through a very unfunny divorce.




You’ll be howling with laughter and on the verge of tears the next…those who like their musicals quirky and irreverent should investigate this at their earliest opportunity. It’s a cracker.” 

Bouquets and Brickbats


“Royal Vauxhall is an excellent addition to the musical genre and a wonderful tribute to three very misunderstood figures in pop culture history…you’ll be guaranteed a five star show.”
Broadway Baby


“This is a brilliantly funny new musical – the writing it witty and fun, and the songs will have you dancing along in no time. All three performances are outstanding, with each performer perfectly capturing their character…highly recommended to anyone looking for some tongue-in-cheek 80s goodness.”



“It’s a raucous and pacy three-hander with catchy, expressive songs, fun audience interaction and great turns.”
The Scotsman

“A night to remember, Royal Vauxhall is a musical party fit for a princess.”
Grumpy Gay Critic